Laura Burgess

Senior Associate Director of Admissions

Kimball Union Academy

Laura Burgess has 17 years of experience in independent school enrollment, marketing, recruitment, and retention. She has served five boarding schools in admissions, coaching multiple sports, serving as a dorm parent and student advisor, working with international and domestic families, and serving as a liaison with the communications office as Director of Admissions Marketing at Tabor Academy in Marion, MA for six years. Laura has experience opening new domestic and international markets, repairing and re-establishing important relationships with referral sources, and forming relationships with families from the point of inquiry to graduation and beyond. Laura is a sought-after presenter on the value of the boarding school experience to parents and students at key independent feeder schools and referral organizations. Modeling a lifelong love of learning, Laura turned her instinct and knack for marketing and written and oral communication skills into professional skills guiding the production of marketing content for social media, email campaigns, virtual events, and other digital and print communications to bring each school’s value proposition to life and show, rather than tell, prospective families what their experience could look like. Laura’s highest professional aspirations are to live out the school’s value proposition in the lives of her students every day through work in the dorms, advisories, and teams she has served and continues to serve.