Jill Goodman


Jill Goodman Consulting

Jill Goodman is an executive mentor and consultant with diverse skills across the non-profit and educational sectors. With over 20 years of experience in developing high-level strategy, executing and growing core programs to forward the mission of numerous independent schools and organizations, Jill’s intense listening skills have helped her establish a reputation for providing exceptional, solution-oriented results. Jill has a 360-degree understanding of the non-profit world – she has served as a staff member, grantmaker, trustee, and volunteer. She spent ten years as an administrator of two independent schools. However, Jill claims that the best role is one she has right now; as a consultant. For the last three years, she has the privilege to work with leaders on challenging issues that keep them from realizing their goals.

Jill is well known for her presentations on educational advancement, grassroots marketing and branding, and parent and alumni relations, which have been well received by audiences across the country. She is a frequent podcast guest, blogger, and author.

Growing up in an industrial Pennsylvania town, Jill is the daughter of a factory owner who had a strong philanthropic commitment. Immersed in an ethos of corporate responsibility and social entrepreneurship, Jill became involved in community initiatives from a very young age. She is a graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia and now calls Baltimore, Maryland home.