Jacqui Yamada

Educational Leadership Consultant

International Advisory

Jacqui has worked in the Independent Private School sector of education for 35 plus years, from instructing ESL to curriculum mapping, successful homestay coordination, creating international student recruitment plans and building or advancing international programs appreciating enrollment growth by 50% overall.  After moving into the field of institutional advancement as a program director and administrator Jacqui brought international families into the philanthropic arena through education and demonstration.  Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for international families to uniquely contribute to and participate in their child’s private independent school community. Joining the ISM Consulting firm in 2016 Jacqui began to speak on an annual basis, both nationally and internationally, with the following associations; TABS, ICEF, IECA, ISANNE/AISNE, SBSA, TABS/NAIS Global Symposium, MISBO and NBOA. She now independently advises private independent schools in best practices for international programs, international student recruitment planning and SEVP compliance. Her research on behalf of schools continues to include NAFSA summit and conference attendance as well as briefings from the U.S. State Department, Department of Education and Department of Homeland Security.

Recent workshops include: International Enrollment: Knowing Your “Why” and Managing Your School’s Risk, Boost Enrollment Through a Strategic International Program Plan.